Frequently Asked Questions

I.     Can anyone at FIT apply for a grant?

Yes, any faculty member, staff member, or student can apply for internal or external funding (subject to eligibility requirements). The Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs focuses on faculty and institutional program and research grants, though we are available to provide some guidance for students when we have availability.  (In general, students interested in applying for fellowships, scholarships, or internships should reach out to International Education, Financial Aid, or the FIT Career and Internship Center.) 

II.     I’ve never submitted a grant before and don’t know where to begin. Do you provide grants and/or proposal writing instruction or training?

Yes, our experienced staff would be happy to work with and guide you in the entire grants submission process, from crafting a strong grant proposal, to drafting a project budget, to post-award oversight.  We can also partner with you in creating/writing proposal content and brainstorming on projects. 

III.     I have a great idea. What’s my first step in locating funding?

The Grants staff is always available to discuss ideas!  Please reach out to us at [email protected].  You can also research funding opportunities by searching InfoEd? Global SPIN, a large database of grants.  This subscription database is available free of charge to all FIT faculty, students, and staff.  SPIN is web-based and accessible anywhere using your email address.  Please contact our office to set up your account and access SPIN. 

IV.     I’ve searched SPIN, but I am not locating suitable matches. Are there any other grant research resources available?

Yes, our office can provide suggestions tailored to your specific projects, research needs, or interests.  We are familiar with many sources of funding from FIT, SUNY, federal and NY state agencies, as well as private foundations and corporate foundations. Also check out links at “Find Funding” on the Grants Office website at

V.     I would like to meet with other FIT faculty and staff to discuss potential collaborations. How can I do this?

There are several upcoming opportunities:

  • Fall 2019, the Grants Office will be hosting an Open House for all interested in meeting to discuss their projects and also the potential for cross-divisional collaborations.
  • Fall 2019, the Grants Office will be holding a SPIN-a-Thon, where you can develop a profile for the SPIN research database and also discuss your interests with our staff. Stay tuned for details on these and other events.
  • We meet with a lot of faculty! So you may want to contact us to see if others have compatible ideas for collaborative work.  We can help you reach out. 

VI.     I don’t have time to submit a grant or navigate the grants process. Is there any hope?

We understand that you’re busy!  We can provide you with a realistic idea of the time involved, and work with you to make the grant process easier.  We can help make your experience not only professionally rewarding, but personally gratifying! 

The Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs is here to help.
Call or stop by any time! 

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New York, NY 10001   (212) 217-3620

Lucia DeRespinis, Executive Director, (212) 217-3625  [email protected] 
Sabina Storti, Grants Manager, (212) 217-3622  [email protected]
Deborah Stein, Grants Coordinator, (212) 217-3624  [email protected]

Jennifer Jones, Grants Administration, (212) 217-3623  [email protected]