Library and Museum Grants

NEW!!  The Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE).   Research Grant Program Competition. Supports research broadly related to education for library and information science. The Award cannot be used to support a doctoral dissertation. At least one applicant in a group submitting a proposal must be a personal member of ALISE as of the deadline date. Award: $5,000. Deadline: October 1.  

The Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation (FAIC).  LECTURE GRANTS
Provide funds toward the presentation of public lectures to help advance public awareness of conservation. Funds may be used to help defray lecturer travel costs, honoraria, site fees, and publicity costs. Award: $500. Deadlines: September 15, February 15.
           FAIC/Tru Vue International Professional Development Scholarship - To help defray member expenses for participation in international conferences and other professional development events.  Award: $1,500. Deadlines: September 15, February 15, May 15.
          SMALL MEETING SUPPORT GRANT - To help defray costs to develop and hold small meetings of American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) members. Meetings may include seminars, research, or other continuing education endeavors that support professional development and the conservation profession. Eligible expenses include meeting space or conferencing technology costs, AV support, etc.  Award: $2,500. Deadline: September 15.
         WORKSHOP DEVELOPMENT GRANTS - To develop continuing education workshops for conservation professionals and other interested individuals. Funds may be used to help defray costs for instructor fees, instructor travel, materials and supplies needed for the workshop. Award: $1,000. Deadlines: September 15, February 15.

         INDIVIDUAL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SCHOLARSHIP - Proposed projects may include seminars, courses, research, or other continuing education endeavors that support the professional development of AIC members. Award: $1,000. Deadlines: September 15, February 15.
         CHRISTA GAEHDE GRANT - Promotes study and research in the conservation of art on paper for members of AIC. Projects may involve individual study, attendance at workshops, conferences, or other events, purchase of materials for research projects, or other activities in keeping with this goal. Award: $500- $1,000 Deadline: February 1.
         TAKE A CHANCE GRANTS - To help defray costs for innovative conservation research or projects that may not otherwise be funded. An important component of this grant is dissemination of the project results, regardless of the project outcome. Award: $1,000. Deadline: February 1.
         FAIC/Samuel H. Kress Conservation Fellowships -  Designed to provide 9 to 12 month mentored professional development opportunities in a variety of settings for recent graduates of conservation programs. It is expected that nine Fellowships of $32,000 will be awarded each year.  Applications must be made by the host institution, which may propose a specific candidate or seek applicants after application. Deadline: January 22.

Support the professional practice of art conservation, especially as it relates to European art of the pre-modern era. Grants are awarded to projects that create and disseminate specialized knowledge, including archival projects, development and dissemination of scholarly databases, documentation projects, exhibitions and publications focusing on art conservation, scholarly publications, and technical and scientific studies. Also funds the travel of experts to professional symposia or conferences. Maximum Award: $30,000.  Deadline: April 1, October 1. 
          CONSERVATION FELLOWSHIPS - Provide one-year internships in advanced fine arts conservation at a museum or conservation research facility. Restricted to individuals who have completed a Masters degree in art conservation. Award: $32,000. Deadline: January 22.


The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation PHOTOGRAPHY   Supports museums and other public institutions by assisting in the creation or expansion of photography departments: emphasis is on permanence, that is, the acquisition of photographs or the support for study and exhibition facilities. Support is also available for important exhibitions which ideally will be accompanied by quality catalogs, books, or other documents to insure their place as reference resources for the future documentation of photography as a fine art. Award: Varies. Deadline: Open.

Provides annual resident fellowships to pre-doctoral and post-doctoral researchers. Fellowship applications for short-term research for senior museum conservators are also considered. The fields of research include paintings; paper (including photographs); objects (including sculpture, metalwork, glass, ceramics, furniture and archaeological objects); textiles; and costumes. Award: Senior conservators: $42,000; Junior conservators: $32,000 and $6,000 for travel. Deadline: December 7.
          MUSEUM EDUCATION AND PUBLIC PRACTICE - One fellow will be selected per year for a 12-week fellowship to focus on gallery teaching and interpretation within the context of art museums, examining aspects of the intersection of museum learning, education theory and philosophy, art practice and art history, cultural and social history, and/or the sciences. The fellow is expected to teach, train, and share knowledge about educational practices with the internal and external Museum community. In addition, the fellow will contribute to the teaching of various constituents, including families with children, adults, and Museum volunteers. For individuals with at least ten years of experience in the museum field or related work. Award: $21,000 stipend and $6,000 for research related travel. Deadline: November 1

National Endowment for the Humanities - Division of Preservation & Access
HUMANITIES COLLECTIONS AND REFERENCE RESOURCES (HCRR) PROGRAM -  Supports projects that provide an essential underpinning for scholarship, education, and public programming in the humanities. Thousands of libraries, archives, museums, and historical organizations across the country maintain important collections of books and manuscripts, photographs, sound recordings and moving images, archaeological and ethnographic artifacts, art and material culture, and digital objects. Funding from this program strengthens efforts to extend the life of such materials and make their intellectual content widely accessible, often through the use of digital technology. Awards are also made to create various reference resources that facilitate use of cultural materials, from works that provide basic information quickly to tools that synthesize and codify knowledge of a subject for in-depth investigation. HCRR offers two kinds of awards: 1) for implementation and 2) for planning, assessment, and pilot efforts (HCRR Foundations grants). NEH grants require at least 50% matching funds.
         DIGITAL ADVANCEMENT GRANTS - For projects that address one or more of the following activities: arranging and describing archival and manuscript collections; cataloging collections of printed works, photographs, recorded sound, moving images, art, and material culture; providing conservation treatment for collections, leading to enhanced access;  digitizing collections; preserving and improving access to born-digital sources; developing databases, virtual collections, or other digital resources to codify information on a subject or to provide integrated access to selected humanities materials; and designing digital tools to facilitate use of humanities resources. Award: $350,000 for up to three years.
          HCRR FOUNDATION GRANTS - To help in the formative stages of initiatives to preserve and create access to humanities collections or to produce reference resources. Foundation grants support collaborative planning, assessment, and pilot activities that incorporate expertise from a mix of professional domains. Award: $50,000 Deadline: July 20.

Smithsonian Institution. INTERNSHIPS
For students, museum professionals, and other individuals interested in museum careers.  Interns are placed in Smithsonian departments and offices in projects emphasizing museum methods and current practices in the field. Deadlines vary by area; most common are February 15, March 1, or March 15 for summer; June 15 for fall, and October 15 for winter-spring.
        FELLOWSHIPS IN MUSEUM PRACTICE (FMP) - For scholars and practitioners to research and write on topics of importance to the museum field. Fellowships are awarded in all subject areas of museum theory and operations. Dissemination can be through a variety of formats such as journal articles, books, lectures, case studies, instructional materials, literature reviews and web sites. The program is open to recipients of master or doctorate degrees (conferred at least one year prior to FMP appointment) who would like to transform their thesis or dissertation into a publication, and to senior museum personnel and experts who have recently completed a major project or investigated an issue of concern and would like to share their findings with the profession. Award: $3,500 per month plus round-trip travel expenses. Deadline: February 15.   


The Society of Folk Life Studies. DAPHNE BULLARD TRUST
Accepts applications from students of or persons engaged in the conservation and study of dress and textiles of any period and their display. Award: 300- 1,000. Deadline: Open.


Grants of Library Acquisitions to institutions in the U.S. for the purchase of books related to Turkish Studies. Maximum award: $5000. Deadline: March 2.


Villa I Tatti, Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies (Florence, ITALY). THE CRAIG HUGH SMYTH VISITING FELLOWSHIP - A limited number of fellowships, each for three months, are available each academic year for advanced research in any aspect of the Italian Renaissance.  The Fellowship is designed for scholars who do not have the benefit of sabbatical leave. This group includes curators, administrators, and conservators, as well as scholars who, having the primary responsibility of caring for young children, do not have easy access to major research libraries and research. Award: $5,000 per month plus travel expenses. Deadline: February 1.


The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.
Awards grants on a project basis to curatorial programs to assist in the innovative and scholarly presentation of contemporary visual arts. Projects may include exhibitions, catalogs and other organizational activities. The work of choreographers and performing artists is occasionally funded when the visual arts are an inherent element of a production. Awards: $5,000 - $50,000. All Deadlines: March 1, September 1.
        THE WYNN KRAMARSKY FREEDOM OF ARTISTIC EXPRESSION AWARD - Supports efforts to strengthen freedom of artistic expression and equitable access to resources and recognizes the work of organizations with a deep-seated commitment to preserving and defending the First Amendment rights of artists. The grant rewards outstanding advocacy, legal, and curatorial efforts on behalf of those whose rights to free expression have been challenged.

       CURATORIAL RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS Support scholarly research to develop significant exhibitions, including travel, archival research, convening of colleagues, interviews, and time to write. Institutionally-affiliated curators at any stage of their careers are eligible to apply. Research must be part of a potential exhibition and curators must have the formal support of their director. Grants to curators do not preclude separate proposals from sponsoring institutions.

Curatorial Fellows collaborate to produce an exhibition. Working closely with the program's faculty and curators at the Museum, the students develop proposals for the exhibition, select artwork, arrange loans, and design and oversee the installation of the exhibition and participate in the production of an extended brochure that accompanies their exhibition. Graduate students, candidates for advanced postgraduate degrees, undergraduates with a demonstrated capacity for advanced scholarship or those who have recently completed formal academic study are eligible. Award: $3,500. Deadline: April 1.