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Accommodation Request Form : For more information on Reasonable Workplace Accommodations, please visit the College Policy Library. 

Banner Access Form

College Business Authorization and Travel Request Forms (.pdf) : Employees who represent the College at a function authorized by the senior administrator and/or at the request of the President or the Presidents designee will be considered to be out on college business. If an employee anticipates related costs for travel (lodging, transportation, etc.), the Travel Request Form should also be completed.

Employee Personal Information Change (.pdf) : Employees may update their home address and emergency contact information via MyFIT. Your new information will be sent to your healthcare provider and to Payroll.  If you are enrolled in any benefits, you may also have to update your records with the benefits carriers directly. Additionally, you must also update your tax documents (W-4 & IT-2104) and submit them directly to the Payroll Office, located at 333 7th Avenue, 16th Floor.  Please be advised: If you are changing your name, you must first report this to Social Security Administration and request a new social security card. For more information visit the Social Security Administration website

Employment Verification Letter Request : To request an employment verification letter, please visit the Human Resources forms page on MyFIT. Log in is required.

Employee Illness / Injury Report Form (.pdf) : Complete this form within 24 hours of injury or illness and return to the Office of Human Resources.

Employee Separation Checklist (.pdf) : This checklist is to be used as a guide for employees separating from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Please contact your Supervisor and HR Generalist with any questions. 

Overtime Authorization Form (.pdf) : This form must be completed before overtime or extra hours are worked for both full-time and part-time employees.

  • Extra Hours Timesheet for Full-time Employees (.pdf) - Full-time employees authorized to work extra hours should complete this timesheet and forward it to the Payroll Office for payment. Eligible full-time employees requesting comp paid-time-off in lieu of pay, should indicate "COMP" on this timesheet and forward to the Office of Human Resources.

Release Form for Review of My Personnel File : To complete and submit the release form, please visit the Human Resources forms page on MyFIT. Log-in is required.

Travel Advance Form : Log in to MyFIT and click on Bi-Tech or Forms in the Quick Links at the bottom of the homepage.

Travel and Business Expense Report Form : Log in to MyFIT and click on Bi-Tech or Forms in the Quick Links at the bottom of the homepage.

Tuition Exemption Form

College-Wide Tenure & Promotion Committee: Application for Hiring New Faculty (.pdf)

Day Adjuncts Office Hours Form (.pdf) : Beginning with the fall 2010 semester, day adjunct classroom faculty shall complete this form every fall and spring semesters. 

Tentative Teaching Assignment Form (.pdf) : Required by part-time faculty, this form is considered to be reasonable assurance of teaching assignment(s).  

Benefits Forms

Payroll Allocation Form-Direct Deposit : FIT employees requesting Direct Deposit must attach a voided check. Please note that direct deposit goes into effect within two pay periods. 

Payroll Allocation Form-Mail (Currently Unavailable) : FIT employees choosing to have their checks mailed to a United States Postal Address.

Timesheet for Part-Time Staff and Seasonal/Temporary Employees (.pdf) : All part-time staff, seasonal/temporary employees, and technologist employees must complete this timesheet. After supervisor approval, keep a copy for your records and submit to Payroll by due date.

Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

New York State Paid Family Leave (PFL)

Excused Leave for Cancer Screening Form (.pdf) :  This form is to be completed by you and your healthcare provider to use this excused leave and to have the hours restored to your time banks.