ITM Mentoring Initiative

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ITM Mentoring Timeline

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               ITM Mentoring Initiative

               Cohort Life Cycle


Stage 1, Recruitment Via Applications: April 3 - May 31
Stage 2, Pairing (Introduced by Email): June 15 - July 31
Stage 3, Mentoring Commences: September 15 - April 23
Stage 4, Assessment (Give feedback to committee leads throughout, but we ask for overall feedback): April 26 - May 17

Inform an ITM student’s best practices in a competitive workplace. Fast-track a career for success.

The Department of International Trade & Marketing’s ITM Mentoring Initiative provides students with an informal, non-classroom opportunity to gain career-enhancing insights from experienced professionals within the global fashion and related industries.

Prospective mentors and mentees are encouraged to use the dedicated links below to the ITM Mentoring Initiative’s registration pages. Thank you for your interest!

Click here if you are interested in mentoring.
Click here if you are an ITM student interested in being mentored.

Tips for Successful Mentors

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The purpose of the mentoring relationship is to promote the mentee's professional growth. Mentors assure that interactions with mentees comply with the highest ethical standards.


  • Value the mentee as a person
  • Develop mutual trust and respect
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Listen both to what is being said and how it is being said
  • Help the mentee solve their own problem, rather than give direction, focus on their development
  • Reach out to the mentoring committee leads if guidance is needed to ensure best outcomes in the relationship.

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Tips for Mentees

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The purpose of the “mentoring relationship” is to promote a mentee's professional growth by providing guidance based on the mentor’s business knowledge and career experience.


? Clearly articulate personal and professional needs
? Assume responsibility for your own professional growth and development
? Listen both to what is being said and how it is being said
? Establish goals and make decisions to achieve them
? Spend time reflecting on your achievements
? Be receptive to constructive feedback  

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Questions about the ITM Mentoring Initiative?

Please visit our website, or contact our Mentoring Committee: Carla Quatraro-D’ArcySonja Chapman