Below are the projects some of our alumni have worked on.

Trevor Steels Alumnus1

Trevor Steels
Senior Designer/Sparks

Trevor Steels is a Senior Designer at Sparks, a company that designs brand experiencesIn 2020, he worked as a creative lead for the Google Assistant project for CES 2020 (Consumer Electronics Show). The objective of this project was to shift the story from the ubiquity of the product to telling a grounded product story across surfaces, software, and real-life experiences by showcasing the Assistant as the most helpful digital assistant, creating a museum-worthy space and experience where attendees can spend meaningful time interacting with the Google Assistant, telling an engaging story that showcases real-world scenarios of what the Assistant can do for a person in every aspect of life with an emphasis on user privacy.

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 Trevor Steels Alumni Google

Isabella Bruno Alumni

Isabella Bruno                                     
Exhibition/Experiential Designer
Smithsonian Museum of American History

Isabella Bruno is an exhibition and experiential designer at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington D.C. ONe of the exhibitions Isabella worked on was Elephants and Us: Considering Extinction that opened in 2019, and will remain on display indefinitely. 

                       Isabella Bruno Alumni Exhibition1    Isabella Bruno Alumni Exhibition2    Isabella Bruno Alumni Exhibition3

The exhibition asks visitors to consider the role of U.S. ivory consumption in contributing to a decline in elephant population and the U.S. efforts to combat the species’ loss through legislation, conservation and scientific study. Our interpretive strategy was informed by front-end research that gauged visitor awareness of the vulnerable status of elephants (high) and the role that the United States has played in both the exploitation of and the effort to save elephants (low).




Ted Nordlander Alumni

Ted Nordlander 
Exhibit Designer/Developer/Argyle
FIT EED ‘12  

Ted Nordlander has been an exhibit designer/developer at Argyle Design since 2013. Argyle specializes in designing children’s museum exhibits and hands-on experiences. One of Ted’s favorite recent projects has been the Sonic Box, which is one of many exhibits Argyle designed for the Wonderhub in Saskatoon, Canada. The idea behind the Sonic Box was to create a self-contained, mini exhibit where visitors could make music together. The Box is comprised of a number of different music activities including a few custom-created musical instruments. 


                                   Ted Nordlander Alumni Exhibition1    Ted Nordlander Alumni Exhibition2

“We wanted to have instruments that were played in novel ways without requiring any previous musical skills and that would sound "good" together. Visitors spin, pull, bang and dance to create music together. The sounds in Box include bass tubular bells, ethereal choirs, electronic beats, and exotic slide guitars. Being a musician myself, the exhibit was a blast to work on, combining my love of experience design with my love of music-making and sound design.”




Sarah Frankel 2

Sarah Frankel
Director, Production Management/Gensler

Sarah Frankel is currently a Director/Production Management at Gensler—a global architecture, design, and planning firm. At her previous company, ESI Design, Sarah worked as a Production Manager. One of the first projects she started working on when she joined ESI was The Statue of Liberty Museum, so she got to be involved from conception straight through to installation and opening day.

Sarah Frankel Alumni Exhibiition1    Sarah Frankel 3   Sarah Frankel 4

“I work with our design team to ensure ideas are feasible, responsible, and cutting-edge, and then I get to work with vendors and fabricators to budget, prototype, fabricate, and install. It’s a crazy all-encompassing job that changes every single day, which is why I love it.” 


Adam Carnes Alumni

Adam Carnes 
Senior Customer Experience Designer/Derse

Adam Carnes is a Senior Customer Experience Designer at Derse—an experiential/event marketing agency ranked 9th largest by AdAge. Adam is responsible for the creative vision and technical direction of face-to-face marketing experiences. At Derse, Adam worked on the 
5G Innovation Zone for Samsung  and AT&T as an experiential design lead, client and partner liaison, and on narrative and content development. 
In keeping with the innovation, Zone’s exploratory, ‘testbed’ nature the exhibit will portray a feeling of ongoing innovation and discovery through its content and design aesthetic. From first glimpse visitors will feel as though they are getting an exclusive peek at innovation in the making.

Adam Carnes  Adam Carnes 3




Jongwook Won Alumni

Jongwook Won
Senior Creative Designer, Tangram International Exhibitions, Inc.

Jongwook Won is a Senior Designer at Tangram. Tangram designs for trade shows, retail and special events, and its projects are at the intersection of art and technology. 
“As a Senior Designer at TANGRAM I got to work on projects from the concept phase to the execution. Designers at TANGRAM work on every stage of the project, which is fun. One of the projects I worked on was US Open Nike Town in New York.

Jong 1   JOng 2   Jong 3   



Muoi Le Alumni  
 Muoi Le ‘14

 Associate Experiential Design Director/Momentum Worldwide
 FIT EED ‘14
Muoi Le is an Associate Experiential Design Director at Momentum Worldwide. Momentum Worldwide helps   brands imagine, create, curate and manage their total brand experience. Muoi had a chance to design the   Time Shop for —a pop-up space for family and friends to spend quality time together, take pictures and send out cards. The client was Chick-fil-A?.

Muoi Le Alumni Pop-Up2    Muoi Le Alumni Pop-Up1    Muoi Le Alumni Pop-Up3


Matt Laska Alumni
Matt Laska

Owner, LaserArtNYC

Matt Laska is the owner of LaserArtNYC. Recently, Matt and his team collaborated with a couple of companies on creating and donating over 4000 face shields used as protective equipment by the medical workers during the Coronavirus pandemic. “I started reaching out to my contacts in NYC,” said Matt, “and indeed other companies were getting involved and coming up with designs. For me, the big questions were: How do I confirm that the equipment I produce is actually safe? How do I get the pieces to the right people?”

Matt and his team learned there was a project in the Brooklyn Navy Yard making face shields and that is how they started. 

                                                 Matt Laska Alumni Face Shield1    Matt Laska Alumni Face Shield2

“The companies Bednark, Inc. and Duggal developed a simple design that was approved by the NYS Department of Health and created an assembly line in the Duggal GreenhouseFrom there I just started cutting shields and ended up cutting 4000 pieces for that project. I think they are going to make 400,000 shields. Also, face shield materials are scarce now. I was able to track some down here and I produced another small order of 200 shields for the New Glen Oaks nursing home in Queens."