Library Exhibits & Displays

Exhibits and Displays at the Gladys Marcus Library showcase the library's visual, intellectual, and artistic resources for the benefit of the FIT community. We invite students, faculty, and staff to partner with us to create thoughtful, creative, and intellectually stimulating exhibitions consistent with the College's educational philosophy and ideals. Exhibits and displays are located on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors of the Library.

2019-2020 Academic Year


Vanishing Communities, Vanishing Cultures: The Y?rüks of the Taurus Mountains, Turkey

This exhibit is a part of an ongoing visual ethnographic research on the impact of migration and globalization on the nomadic communities. This project is a culmination of a decade-long jouney in the Himalayas and the Taurus Mountains. This exhibition documents the daily lives of nomadic people and weavers and puts a face to this (in)visible community and their vanishing culture. This exhibition attempts to humanize nomads and the weavers as they negotiate their changing lifestyles in this globalized world. 

Curated by Praveen Chaudhry, Souzeina Mushtaq, Kyunghee Pyun



minimalism... less is more

Curated by Eileen Flannigan 

minimalism display


Curated by James Ferguson and Lori Taschler

maximalism display

 Inside Islam (Art and Culture)

Curated by Loraine Baratti, Peggy Murphy, Daiyan Hossain

Inside Islam display

 Optical Illusions

Curated by Matthew Michaels

Optical Illusions Display

 If the Shoe FITs

Curated by Emily Arbuckle

If the Show Fits display

 Arsho Baghsarian

Curated by April Calahan

Arsho Baghsarian display

 Honoring New York Women: Edith Wharton 

Curated by Peggy Murphy, Loraine Baratti

Edith Wharton Display

 Isabel Toledo

Curated by Gabriella Bucciarelli, Loraine Baratti and Matthew Michaels 

Isabel Toledo display


Check out images from this show and our previous exhibits and displays. 

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