Confirmed Housing

The information on this page is for new/entering FIT students who have confirmation that they are receiving on-campus housing.  

If you receive confirmation that you will be living on campus, you may enter the selection process for roommates and room types.  The selection process auto assigns the earliest applicants a date and time to choose a room type and roommate(s). You will NOT be able to choose a wait listed applicant as a roommate.

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Select Your Roommate(s)

Dates: May 12–July 8, 2020

Log in to MyFIT > MyHousing > Roommate Selection 

Enter your choice of roommate(s). You must have their name and FIT email address.  You will NOT be able to choose a wait listed applicant as a roommate. If you have a specific roommate in mind and you’re unable to find them in the roommate matching system, it is likely because you each chose different answers for the Gender Inclusive Housing option. You both must either opt-in or opt-out of Gender Inclusive Housing. Please see the Housing Application FAQ for instructions on how to change your answer.    

Don't have a roommate? Check out the Advanced Roommate Search on MyHousing.

Select Your Room Type

Dates: July 7 and 8, 2020

You will receive an email with your selection date and time. You will be able to view available accommodations beginning on July 7, but you will not be able to choose an accommodation until your assigned selection date and time

It is recommended that you select a room type as soon as you are able. Residential Life will randomly assign a space and roommate(s) to anyone who does not select a room type by July 9 at 9 am.

Remember: you are only selecting a room type, not an actual room number or floor.

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Check out our housing application FAQ